Revitalising Restaurant Revenue at Accor

Accor is a global hotel business with more than 5,000 hotels, and operates over 4,800 restaurants and bars.

The Accor Restaurant Revenue Management (RRM) team, based at Accor’s headquarters in France, plays a vital role in training restaurant staff on how drive food and beverage revenue, server performance, guest experience and profit.



The challenge

The Accor RRM team approached to create a successful look and feel for the launch of their brand new training course. Even though the content of the course was very specific and technical, it had to be promoted in an appealing way that was easily understandable by everyone.

RRM wanted their training program to stand out and appear highly professional, so they also requested the creation of a sales video to promote the course.

The solution

Items for the RRM program spanned a wide variety of formats, including video, email campaign and training presentations. To unify these communication channels in the minds of customers, it was important to establish a bold and coherent visual language. We created an aspirational restaurant atmosphere for the training materials by using a combination of luxurious colours, engaging textures and high end food imagery. While the visual details of each format could vary to take advantage of each medium’s strengths, a strong relationship between items was maintained using consistent colours and fonts.

To begin creating the sales video, worked closely with RRM to plan and refine a script which would showcase the best benefits of the course. We recorded the voiceover and cleaned the audio so that it would sound clear and professional throughout. Then, text and graphics were arranged in time with the voiceover to punctuate crucial takeaways. Despite the limited amount of hotel footage which RRM was able to provide, we kept the video interesting by using a rapid, constantly changing combination of video and still images.

The result

Our promotion of Restaurant Revenue Management made the offering attractive to hotels, and the benefits of the program were easily understood. As a result, many hotels agreed to hold the workshops throughout the Asia Pacific region. Participants included staff from New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, India and Vietnam.