Search Engine Optimisation – The basics

Search engine optimisation is an area of expertise that encompasses a vast array of inputs, from backlinks, the content, to web structure. There is a vast body of work out there on the subject but here we just try and cover the basics to get you off on the right foot.

A Ghost in the Machine

Why your analytics may not be what it seems. Google Analytics is a an excellent tool and provides many small […]

Do I need a WordPress Maintenance Contract?

From the outset let me state we have been a great fan of WordPress for many years. We persevered with clients who thought it was a just a blog. We love it, it delivers the most agile web friendly value for money product we know.

QR Codes do they work? Are they dead?

The other day after a few wines a the topic of QR codes came up. The  table had more than […]

The Curse of Page Rank

Over the last few years we have learnt enough about SEO to do some good for our clients, and we […]

No amount of money will sell a bad brand

The race for the Whitehouse in the US saw the largest amount of money ever spent on trying to secure […]