Speaking to the right audience.

The Audit Office of New South Wales came to us for assistance with marketing their annual graduate program.

The challenge was to understand the market we were speaking to, what their options were, and what made The Audit Office of New South Wales stand out amongst its competitors.

The more we spoke to them the more we realised that it was a place people loved to work and that apart from the flexibility of work arrangements, one of the leading advocates for the client were their staff.

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We worked with the marketing department on realigning the supplied copy to a more conversational feel.

We created inclusive headlines whilst still retaining professional language and important passages.

In keeping with the new approach, we selected a folio of images that exhibited an inclusive and open work environment. We also scheduled a photo shoot specifically for the past graduates who were speaking directly to the audience.

We utilised colours within the brand guidelines to delineate specific content, but used the primary brand colours of black and red sparingly. The new look and feel created an approachable document with engaging and identifiable human elements that spoke directly to the market.

Alongside the marketing program we also created a longer term brand building program for social media that keeps the graduate program front of mind up until the next launch, creating a longer digital profile across the entire year.

“Working with lcdc.co was a pleasure. From the outset they were creative and honest, and had great ideas.

Their designs were right for us from the first draft, and as a result we have had a really successful campaign and the whole organisation is really pleased with the fresh new take on our brand.

I look forward to continuing work with them in the future.”

Monique Barns, Publications and Marketing Manager Corporate Service – Audit Office of NSW

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