Turning signage into a conversation.

ibis budget recently audited their hotel network and discovered that the messaging across a number of their hotels was inconsistent.

They came to us to revamp the signage across their network, bring it more in line with the brand voice and to evolve the messaging from a set of rules into a conversation with guests.

Services Provided


Utilising ibis budget’s more relaxed and fun style, we took the the blinkers off the messaging.

Humour is a great tool for conveying messages, and making guests smile never hurts. Where possible we used a more conversational tone to ensure that the guests understood that this was a conversation not a set of rules. The language was approachable, cheeky where possible, and clear.

The messaging was coupled with visual cues that were pulled from the ibis budget brand.

The visuals are relatable and convey the most important part of each message in a simple effective proposition.

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