Invigorating Flender’s internal image

Flender is a Siemens Company, world renowned for their manufacture of large scale mechanical drives and gearboxes used in wind turbines and mining. As a large international operation, Flender’s teams were robust and independent. Flender needed a cohesive internal values campaign to celebrate this proactive work flow as well as help keep teams guided. We were approached by Flender to create these assets.

Services Provided


The challenge

The designs for the internal values campaign needed to speak to Flender’s technical expertise and known standing for quality. They also had to celebrate Flender’s human side—their care for both customers and staff—and tie-in Flender’s “Gearing up for the Future”, a vision of future betterment. The contrasting aspects of cool, mechanical production and warm, human elements are notoriously difficult to align.

The solution

We set up an aspirational tone to the poster series, bringing Flender’s values together effectively. Flender’s people became the agents of change in creating a better world and Flender’s products were tools for this change. Flender’s vision was brought to life.

Great care was given to future-proof the internal brand and ensure the internal value of quality was demonstrated. All machinery art was original and created to exactly match Flender’s machines’ real life counterparts. Barring exception to a photo celebrating workplace culture, all people imagery was stock. This use of stock allowed us to maintain the aspirational theme of the series, protect against future staffing changes, and ensure all cultures and levels in the organisational hierarchy within Flender were represented.

The result

With this internal values poster series, we crafted a narrative that brought Flender’s human-centric service philosophy and precisely engineered motors together, and aligned these to their global brand. The posters serve as a reminder of Flender’s past achievements—of educational outreach programs; as a key player in the development of renewable energy; of their impact in national and global industries and economies. This is brought together with a celebration of their staff— the people who make this possible.

With these commitments to both excellence and the community in place, the poster series outlines a future direction for the company for teams to aim for. These assets were then brought into Flender’s communication assets: presentations, email banners and document templates, to become an integral part of their brand. Flender has geared up for the future.