When it comes to F&B, presentation is everything.

We’ll ensure you get yours right.

At lcdc.co, we’ve developed and executed strategic brand launches and cross-platform marketing for organisations around the world. We offer multiple services to ensure your F&B brand experience will leave your customers gushing. A full-service, one-stop shop? Too easy.

Brand development

The face of your business

Your brand is your business’s face. It’s how customers see and engage with your business and is central to how they feel about the experience after they walk away. It’s important you get your brand right.
We design strong brands that create a unified F&B experience and better sell your food.

Read on below and discover some of lcdc.co’s brand services that are relevant to the Australian restaurant and catering industries.

A health check for your brand

Brand auditING

Through stakeholder interviews, competitor research, and a review of your collateral, we determine how effective your current brand is. We give you kudos for what you’ve done right, as well as provide you with quick, helpful tips to correct what may have gone wrong, as well as capitalise on some strong brand positioning opportunities.

Whats in a name?

Name inception

A good name carries an emotion or a meaning. It should roll off the tongue, just right. A name should sound as it needs to, look as it wants to, and be able to expand or contract to fit your business needs. We work with you to find your perfect name.

Who you are, done perfect

Logo design

The best logos are simple, readable, and chock full of rich story for those in the know. A logo is the unifying element, along with the business name, that holds the brand together. Let us uncover your story, and transform it into an incredible logo.

The complete visual package

BRAND Identity

A brand is more than a logo – colours, fonts and graphic elements combine to create a style guide, to follow when bringing elements out of their natural habitat. Identities are always important, but particularly for corporate-facing businesses and franchises.

Digital marketing

give your business some gravitational pull

If a brand is your company’s face, digital marketing is that magnetic charisma that draws people in. And just like charisma, it takes work, care, and just a little bit of magic, to make it all look effortless. Whether the journey is easy or hard, expensive or not, digital marketing is necessary to get your business to grow. We make things easy, work to your budget, and ensure your marketing campaign delivers a strong ROI.

Continue your research below and learn about the digital channels every business needs to consider.

The front door to your business


Websites are a central and effective digital marketing campaign. They set the first impression for your business and are the most common entry point for first-time customers. We ensure your web experience is not only gorgeous, but seamless – built to tantalise taste buds and generate more customers.

A website doesn’t have to be complicated, it doesn’t need heaps of pages or even bells and whistles, however an easy to use and visually engaging website will get people through the door. Your website is often the first point of contact for any potential customer.

A great food and beverage website almost always requires a few key ingredients. 

An easy to read menu, which can be presented in a few different ways – but always should be up to date.

Clear information about when you are open and any services on offer, be it take home products or you provide takeaway or delivery. 

Stunning food photography and venue imagery is paramount. This gets your customers interested in visiting and without it there is nothing to draw them in. 

Finally, a way to be contacted (for bookings or even general information). Without the ability to book easily, or be able to call through, you might miss out on those group tables or people that really want the certainty of a table when they show up. 


Help Google help you

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Even more important than a good website is ensuring people see it. Strong SEO, made up of word choice, content length and site structure, pushes your page to the top of Google when people search keywords related to your business. Got a website that isn’t generating click-through? We’ve got your back.


Top of page, top of mind

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

In addition to SEO, you can also increase traffic to your site through paid ad campaigns within Google’s search. This works more quickly than SEO, and can be targeted more specifically, but comes at a click-through cost. SEM strengthens SEO campaigns, and SEO strengthens SEM rankings, so we recommend both.


Your personalised sales channel

Email marketing campaigns

If social media is broad and general, email marketing is specific, targeted and personal. Capturing customer data and automating emails allows you to curate a brand experience and engagement plan head and shoulders above your competition. Our email marketing campaigns deliver repeat business.


The digital giant

Social Media

Social media for F&B isn’t just about reposting your menu. We work with you to create high-quality, authentic content that best sells your brand and business vision. This drives engagement and grows a community around your brand. We can geo-target social media campaigns, as well as connect campaigns with your email list and website visits driving sales and business engagement.

Graphic design

our point of difference

Most marketing agencies talk a lot about shops. We design them. With our understanding that your space is integral to your brand experience, we’ll design menus, signage, and in-store collateral to ensure your customers receive a complete and cohesive brand experience.

Lead customers' eyes to the prize

menu design and engineering

Menus are the point where your customer decides how much they’re willing to spend. Psychologists and marketers have been trying to crack the menu for the better part of a century. These learnings and understandings change as societal norms develop and transform. We stay on top of the research, and help you design a menu that not only looks incredible but also sells more.

A calling card with extra flair


Brochures deliver incredible ROI by engaging in short run campaigns that attract local customers. They also perfectly encourage repeat business as they act as takeaways by taking a bit of your brand and placing it directly onto someone’s fridge. A well-designed brochure also acts as an incredible elevator pitch to corporate clients.

Old-school with new tricks


Traditional advertising hasn’t fallen by the wayside; it’s learnt some new tricks. Unlike most marketing agencies, we directly involve ourselves with your campaigns, from creative concept to production and launch. Posters, digital display ads, in house ads, animated ads, flyers, billboards, digital screens. We do it all, and make sure you look good while doing it.

Let's go places


Signage and way-finding can be overlooked in F&B. We’re here to tell you that, yes, signage may be a critical component of your communication, depending on your business. Using nothing but an A4 taped to the wall to direct customers in your space destroys your client experience – especially for caterers and established restaurants.

Little experiences


Are you after some branded takeaway boxes, napkins, and bags? How about some branded coasters, glasses, and bottles? Little sauce containers? Finding a brand in an unexpected place creates a memorable experience for the customer. It creates an emotion, and sparks a conversation. Together with your food, and customer service, collateral helps to create a memorable impression of your establishment.

Product design

in the mood for something a little bit different?

Thinking of branching out and setting up an independent product? Fantastic! We’ve worked with businesses large and small, all over Australia, to launch exciting new wares in stores and on supermarket shelves. We’ll cover you, from naming, branding, and packaging design, to all the nitty gritty barcode details and print specifications – all the way to product launch. We are your one-stop shop for product flight.


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    We ask for new clients to pay a 50% deposit on the first project. After this project, future invoicing can be completed under a 14-day account after the first project is completed. We accept payment via bank transfer and the following major credits cards (we do not charge a processing fee or card payment surcharge).