People first.

Genos International are leaders in the field of emotional intelligence. Their business is intensely connected to people, but they felt their website was not communicating the core message well enough.

Services Provided

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • SEO
  • Copywriting

We developed and built the site in WordPress, which allowed the client to take over management of the site as soon as it went live.

The brief was to create a new look and feel that translated the business better, with a focus on user experience and SEO.

Their business is about people and working more effectively. Utilising images of real people was always in our plan, but in doing that we didn’t want to be so obvious. Our idea was to create a look that could be used across their entire collateral that implied what they did rather than a literal visual.

We spent some time restructuring the navigation and re-wrote some of the most important landing pages to be SEO friendly.

In a direct comparison to the previous year, sessions are up 21%, new users up over 14% and session times 18%. Genos International now always appear on page 1 in the top organic results for the search term “emotional intelligence”.

“ made the process of developing a new web site as painless as it could possibly be. Their deep knowledge of SEO and user interaction combined with their ability to understand our business very quickly meant that they could complete the whole project with much less input from us than anticipated.

Having writers, graphic designers and programmers under the one roof meant that the whole process was very co-ordinated and there were no surprises in how the site looked or functioned at the end of the project. The site has definitely delivered great results. We have been on page one of Google for our main search term ever since we launched the site and leads generated from the site have definitely increased as a result.”

James Gordon – Genos International

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